Make it kenya


Client: Kenya Ministry of Tourism
Role:: Art Direction & Design
Agency:: Grayling

01. Challenge

The challenge was to change the negative perception of Kenya and put it back on the map by portraying it as a country on the move – a great nation that is unified, moving with the times and open for business.

My role, along with the support of the creative director and team, was direction of the visual language of the campaign in a way that resonated locally as well as internationally.

02. Strategy

A Unified Voice

Develop a unified voice for Kenya’s vision for international visitors, investors and business.

Brand Engagement

Establish a brand platform that delivers against today’s requirements for brand content engagement.

Call to Action

A clear ‘CTA’ speaking to visitor & investors ensuring that Kenya is competing at a world-class level.

03. Brand Development

To bring the brand’s purpose to life every part of the logomark created signified different assets and values.

The brand vision was to balance Kenya’s ambition towards modernity, economic dynamism and growth of her consumer society, with the respect for her ancestral heritage and values.


06. Results

Developed a brand that represents moving forward as one people and brought together the needs of Kenyans to be listened to internationally, including supporting the aim of the 47 counties to reach out to the world, unified in one centre and one voice.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. C.S. Phyllis Kandie launched the international nation brand campaign during Kenya week at the Expo Milan 2015 which was greatly received by Kenyans and international audiences as well.

A powerful campaign brand that represented and identified with all Kenyans and gained international recognition.

Client: Kenya Ministry of Tourism
Role:: Art Direction & Design
Agency:: Grayling
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